Monday, 21 January 2013

MATV Interview with Harjap Singh Bhangal


I was invited on MATV to dispel the myths about Nihang Singhs. Harjap and I were at Uni together in the mid 1990s.  It was televised live from Wembley, 31 st January, 2011 6.45pm. Here are some of the question put forward:

What are nihangs? how did they come about? what do you believe in? what is your way of life? why as a uk born and bred person have u adopted this way of life? what are the codes of nihangs? why you wear what you there still a purpose and need for nihangs in this day and age?....why are people afraid of approaching you? are u fundamentalists?....are you warmongers?....what are the positives and negatives in the way our gurdwaras are run on the uk?....why do nihangs not participate more in gurdwara structures?....what can youngsters do if they want to learn more?...what can you say to parents to make them realise this isnt a cult or extremist faith? are you precieved by the punjabi community? it true that nihangs drink bhang? nihangs do nasha? nihangs eat meat? they drink sharaab?....generally anything and everything to do with nihangs...and of course you are more than welcome to add any message of your own....

The video is coming soon.................

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