Thursday, 17 January 2013

Dasam Granth Q and A presented to Sikh Saints and Scholars

When I arrived in India I thought it was only right to pay my respects at Bhabaur Sahib where it is likely that the Dasam Granth was bound when the Charitropakhyan Sahib was completed.
Gurdwara Bhabaur Sahib where the Charitropakhyan was completed with the Chaupai Sahib
Close up to the board which gives the Colophon from the Dasam Granth Sahib.
After this point I visited Baba Surjit Singh in Patiala and presented him a copy of the book.

A number of years ago  Sant Parmjit Singh of the Sant Samaj asked me to write book in Punjabi and he would add to it, but unfortunately he passed away. So instead I gave a copy to his brother Soami Harnam Singh ji, pictured below. The task of writing the book into Punjabi has now been taken up by the Buddha Dal. Copies of the book were also give to Sant Baba Gian Singh pictured further below, Dr Baljinder Kaur of Bhasha Vibhag, Dr Rupinder Singh, as well as many other scholars.

Sant Parmjit Singh who is sadly missed by the Sangat.
Sant Baba Giana Singh student of Buddha Dal and Dam Dami Taksal. A master of Sikh scripture and sword. At 105 years old he is doing very well. He even went to jail with Mahatma Gandhi!
After presenting the book to Dr Baljinder Kaur of Bhasha Vibhag, she kindly presented us a copy of her book.
Ranjit Singh Advocate saying some kind words about my research.

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