Friday, 1 March 2013

UCSC Conference in Sikh and Punjabi Studies, March 29-30‏

UCSC Conference in Sikh and Punjabi Studies, March 29-30‏
University of California, Santa Cruz

The conference program is below.

For logistical details, please contact Courtney Mahaney, Institute for Humanities Research, UCSC. Hoping to see you here in Santa Cruz
Regards,Professor Nirvikar Singh and Dr. Inderjit N. Kaur, Conference Organizers

Friday, March 29
Presenter: Prof. Pashaura Singh, Religious Studies, UC Riverside
Discussant: Dr. Harpreet Singh, South Asian Studies, Harvard University
Presenter: Prof. Verne A. Dusenbery, Anthropology, Hamline University
Discussant: Prof. Supreet Kaur, Economics, Columbia University
Discussant: Prof. Jugdep S. Chima, Political Science, Hiram College
Discussant: Prof. Nirvikar Singh, Economics, UC Santa Cruz
Prof. Gurinder Mann, Religious Studies, UC Santa Barbara

Saturday, March 30
Presenter: Prof. Rajinder Singh Sidhu, Punjab Agricultural University
Discussant: Prof. Upmanu Lall, Engineering, Columbia University
Presenter: Dr. Inderjit Kaur, Music, UC Santa Cruz
Discussion and demonstration: Mr. Mandeep S. Sethi, Rapper
Dr. Narinder Kapany, Sikh Foundation
Dr. Ajit Singh, Artiman Ventures and Stanford University
Mr. Michael Singh, Filmmaker

Session 1: Sikh Values and Punjab Society in Historical Perspective
Session 2: A Case Study of Sikh Diaspora Philanthropy in Punjab
Session 3: Punjab Politics and Society
Presenter: Prof. Pritam Singh, Accounting, Finance and Economics, Oxford Brookes University
Session 4: The Punjab Economy: Problems and Prospects
Presenter: Prof. Lakhwinder Singh, Economics, Punjabi University
Dinner & Lecture: Reflections on the Columbia/UC Santa Barbara Punjab Summer Program
Session 5: Groundwater in Punjab: Environmental Challenges
Session 6: Punjab's Ethical Soundscapes: From Asa ki Var to Dhadi Var and Hip Hop
Session 7: Lunch Panel: Punjab’s Future – What’s to be Done?

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