Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sikh and Punjabi Studies, (Re-)Building Punjab: Political Economy, Society and Values.

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

We are very pleased to invite you to UCSC's next conference in Sikh and Punjabi Studies, (Re-)Building Punjab: Political Economy, Society and Values.

The URL for the conference, with abstracts, registration information, and other details, is athttp://ihr.ucsc.edu/rebuilding-punjab

Hoping to see you in Santa Cruz

Professor Nirvikar Singh and Dr. Inderjit N. Kaur, Conference Organizers

Program Summary

Friday, March 29

Session 1: Sikh Values and Punjab Society in Historical Perspective
Presenter: Prof. Pashaura Singh, Religious Studies, UC Riverside
Discussant: Dr. Harpreet Singh, South Asian Studies, Harvard University

Session 2: A Case Study of Sikh Diaspora Philanthropy in Punjab
Presenter: Prof. Verne A. Dusenbery, Anthropology, Hamline University
Discussant: Prof. Supreet Kaur, Economics, Columbia University

Session 3: Punjab Politics and Society
Presenter: Prof. Pritam Singh, Accounting, Finance and Economics, Oxford Brookes University
Discussant: Prof. Jugdep S. Chima, Political Science, Hiram College

Session 4: The Punjab Economy: Problems and Prospects
Presenter: Prof. Lakhwinder Singh, Economics, Punjabi University
Discussant: Prof. Nirvikar Singh, Economics, UC Santa Cruz
Dinner & Lecture: Reflections on the Columbia/UC Santa Barbara Punjab Summer Program
Prof. Gurinder Mann, Religious Studies, UC Santa Barbara

Saturday, March 30

Session 5: Groundwater in Punjab: Environmental Challenges
Presenter: Prof. Rajinder Singh Sidhu, Punjab Agricultural University
Discussant: Prof. Upmanu Lall, Engineering, Columbia University

Session 6: Punjab's Ethical Soundscapes: From Asa ki Var to Dhadi Var and Hip HopPresenter: Dr. Inderjit Kaur, Music, UC Santa Cruz
Discussion and demonstration: Mr. Mandeep S. Sethi, Hip-hop artist
Session 7: Lunch Panel: Punjab’s Future – What’s to be Done?
Dr. Narinder Kapany, Sikh Foundation
Dr. Ajit Singh, Artiman Ventures and Stanford University
Mr. Michael Singh, Filmmaker

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