Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Some of my papers, publications and future work


‘The Dasam Granth’ Canada University of Alberta Sikh Society, 2003

The ‘Jāp Sāhib’ 3HO organization Espanola, America, June, 2005

Cited in the Khanda and the Dhulfiqar, F Luis, Sikh Formations, 2006

Cited in Bhavasaramrit, Tirath Singh Nirmala, 2006

‘The praxis of the Dasam Granth: a research into the liturgical and ritualistic ceremonies of the scripture.’ Oxford University Sikh Society – April, 2008.

The Living Guru – The Holy Sikh scripture’, Newark Museum, Leicester – October 15th, 2008

‘A discussion of the scriptures of Guru Gobind Singh in relation to Sikh history and praxis’, Punjab Research Group – July, 2008

‘The Dasam Granth Re-examined’, University of Lund, Sweden, Panjab Conference, June 2010.

Dasam Granth: Questions and Answers, Archimedes Press, 2011

The Translations of Dr Leyden, Panjab Cultural Association, 2012

The Turban - The Impact of 9/11 on Sikh Identity - University of Potsdam 2012.


Dasam Granth: Essays, Lectures, and Translations, OUP, forthcoming 2012

Gatka: The Sikh Martial Art, Handbook of Sikh Studies, forthcoming 2012

The History of the Sikhs 1800-1920, Brill, forthcoming 2013

Restoration of one of the oldest Guru Granth Sahib circa 1660 in the UK.

Restoration of one of the oldest Guru Granth Sahib's Bangladesh.

Cataloging a manuscript collection in an extensive collection in Russia.


Weekly presenter on the Panjabi language Sukhsagar radio, 2004

An expert guest on the Sikh Channel and Sangat Tv, 2009-2012

Appeared on Zee TV News, India, March 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010

Appeared on an interview with Green Earth Pictures, Bombay, 2010

Appeared on the very popular BBC ‘50 Places you have to visit before you die’


Consulted for the ‘Marvari Horse’ BBC forthcoming

Archives Officer Guru Nanak Sikh Museum, Leicester, 2003 - current

Newark Museum, 2008, Sikh exhibition

Language consultant Chester Beatty Library Dublin, 2006

Language consultant for the Royal Asiatic, London, 2007

Language consultant for the GCHQ, 2007 - 2008

Language consultant for the Crown Prosecution Services, 2008 - 2009

Language consultant for New Scotland Yard

Consultant for Yvoir, a French documentary about the Sikhs, forthcoming

Language consultant for Cybersikhi Ltd


A director of the Panjab Cultural Association

A director of the Sikh Student camp and organisation

A director of the Akhand Japa Retreat

Member of the Equality and Human Rights commission


The textual history of Dasam Granth

The Sarbloh Granth, manuscripts and textual history (unpublished)

Manuscriptology, dating, variations between texts

The history of colonialisation, and the change in historiography in South Asia

The Braj Bhasha language and its texts

Anglo-Panjabi history

History of the warrior Sikhs

Social issues faced by the Panjabi diaspora

The Mughal Empire and the culture of Rajasthan


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